Saturday, October 22, 2011

Super scary Haunted Houses

Man I sure love October - the cooler weather, football comes back, the World Series and the overall naughtiness of Halloween.  When I went searching for scary haunted houses I found a way cool website,, that has some of the Nation's best. 

Here's the 411 on two of these features haunted houses...

How about a haunted house in Kansas City called "The Beast?"  It comes complete with a 10,000 werewolf forest where you're require to find an exit in complete darkness.  Not to mention the LIVE alligators that are in the scary forest swamp.  Cool!

Cost:  $23 and up
Where:  Kansas City, MO

Or if you're near Pittsburgh you can check out "The Scarehouse."  One of it's scariest charters is Creepo the Clown, a clown who's sick of pleasing and now just wants to scare people.  They even have a "Kiss the Clown" booth where Creepo will pop out scaring people all-the-while making them laugh.  The Scarehouse also has "Pittsburgh Zombies," with the walking dead inhabiting city landmarks.

Cost:  $16 and up
Where:  Pittsburgh, PA

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