Monday, October 24, 2011

Internet at Hedonism II

If you're new to Hedonism II, aka Hedo II or H2, then you might want to know more about internet options at the famous resort.  Honestly it's the type of place where you REALLY don't need to be checking your e-mail or Facebook'ing but for some, internet access is a necessary evil.

Well you'll be glad to know that you got 2 options these days...

(now you can even surf the web in the dinning room, or drink)

#1. The decade old Internet Cafe which has 4 computers.  You'll need to pay the front desk a fee for usage then you can hope on these recently updated machines and enjoy some decent internet speeds.   I think the cost is around $8US for 15 mins of use.

#2.  The resort now has WiFi.  You have to pay for this as well and it's not perfect but it's there.  At last check the prices stood at $90 for seven days or $15 a day.  They have WiFi antennas aimed at the H block, some of the prude side rooms.  There's also an antenna on the nude bar corner and aimed at the beach.


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