Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween at SMI

You've seen some blog posts here about Sea Mountain Inn here in California.  It's sorta like Hedonism II in Jamaica, but more wild!   Well, the good folks over at SMI are having a crazy ass Halloween party and here's the info on it...

Spend the day with food and beverages until 2am any day only $139 per couple!  Or spend the night (pending rooms available) from $300 per night for a couple.  Call them @ 877.928.2827 and mention the code "VIP69V" for more info on booking a room. 

NEW NEWS ABOUT SMI:   All rooms at SMI now also include free high-speed WiFi.  And also new to SMI, "Thai Dewbeds" which are zen-like cabana chairs you can chill out during the day catching the warm California sun or at night where God only knows what might happen.  :-)

(brand new "Thai Dewbeds" at SMI)

Check them out further at:  www.seamountaininn.com.

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