Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Haunted Caribbean - story 3

Continuing in this 3 part series we go back to Jamaica, to Manchester Parish...

 The legend of Skull Point Church - Google Map

You almost have to wonder if it was not inevitable that a church in a place with a creepy name like skull point would end up haunted.  Skull Point, located in Manchester Parish, Jamaica is a small community where an ancient courthouse is a national monument.  But ghost hunters will find little of interest at that historic spot and will instead be drawn to the abandoned church and cemetery.

 Local legend has it that a slave name James Knight became a Christian and began preaching to the other slaves in the area.  Upset by his brazenness, the slave owner had Knight killed.  The killers then displayed his head stuck on a pole to deter any other slaves from following in Knight's footsteps.  It is believed that because of the violence of his death and his denial of a proper burial, James Knight's spirit still roams the land.

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