Saturday, October 8, 2011

A true story from someone who had a "guaranteed affair"

If you come on this blog you might see the dancing lady on the lower right part of this website.  What's that all about?  It's about   Ashley Madison is the worlds largest dating website that also has a "guaranteed affair" package.  With this package you pay $249 then get full access to the site.  If after 3 months you don't hook up, you get your money back, it's that simple.  (see their site for the exact details)

But what exactly is it?  What it is is a dating website with a different edge, they guarantee that you'll have a sex filled affair!  The site has been featured on Hannity, Howard Stern, TIME, BusinessWeek, Sports Illustrated and Maxim.   They have over 10 million members and every 60 seconds, another woman joins looking for discreet sex.  

I have a blog follower who lives in Massachusetts.  I'm not going to say her name but she did send me one really sexy photo that she used on her online profile with AshleyMadison.  She signed up and started getting all sort of guys contacting her.  After chatting up a few guys she then met 4 guys in person till she found the one and then they!   

In her words, "I highly recommend it to any women out there looking to spice up their sex life."

For her it was easy, you can see she's a busty babe and with females, Ashley Madison lets them chat for "free."  If you're a dude, you're gonna have to pay to see the ladies you might have a chance hooking up with.  But all the ladies that join have one thing in common, they're on the hunt, just like YOU, for a booty call.

If anyone else has any true stories, contact me via my "contact me" button on the site.  Thanks!


  1. Always been curious about the ad on your page, but no way am I clicking on it... Shoot I'm scared every time it pops up in the office!

  2. Hey Morgan! Thanks as always for reading the blog.

    If you want a review of your hotel, please let me know, it'd be my pleasure.

  3. That was my comment but that is NOT my photo.


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