Monday, May 3, 2010

A small town in North Carolina bans thongs on the beach!

So some mayor of a small town in North Carolina trying to preserve his town's "Mayberry" feel is banning thongs on the beach!   Kure Beach Mayor Dean Lambeth said "we're going to keep this as close to Mayberry with a beach as you can keep it".

(Picturesque Kure Beach )

Apparently, the move came after the police department received an e-mail earlier in the week asking if the town's existing nude bathing ordinance allowed thongs.  After doing some research (surreee) they decided indeed it did violate the cities ordinance banning nudity or "insufficient clothing," including thongs for men and women.

Ok, they won this battle but they didn't win the war!  There are plenty of places to go elsewhere.  But in a way, koodo's to this town, gotta have some cities with that good old fashion feel to it.


  1. A Tolerant Tar HeelMay 4, 2010 at 4:05 AM

    Unfortunately Kure Beach is not the only beach in North or South Carolina to ban thongs...Please take your tourist dollars somewhere else.

  2. eh... i kinda like it when there are only a few select places with the wild fun... keeps the 'mysteriousness' aspect alive, and makes it more enticing. if it was everywhere all the time, it would become run of the mill and ho-hum.


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