Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DR Nights Trip Report

I've had 5 guests now book trips at DR Nights and a few of them have been kind enough to e-mail me back trip reports so other guys considering going can have some war trench stories.   The latest tale from DR Nights came from Rob who traveled to DR Nights in May.   Thanks for the trip report Rob!


Hey, I'm Rob and I live in Utah.  That's all I can tell you because back in the real world I'm an office manager for a high tech company that might not appreciate my island adventures.  Either way, I booked for DR Nights back in March of 2011 and had a few months to built up anticipation for my upcoming trip.  I had a pretty decent idea of what I was getting into.  To prepare I for my vacation I did load up on Viagra, new island type outfits and pretty much nothing else.   I'm 35 years old and recently went thur a divorce so I was ready to re-enter into the dating world, the easy way.

Before I had booked I checked out the DR Nights website to check out the girls.  I had paid $115 for a 3 month membership because I really did want to see what girl I could request for my time there.  I also decided to book what they call a package #1 that got me one girl for 2 nights and 3 days.  It also put me in a "Caribe suite" which ended up being a pretty nice room with a big king size bed, minibar and a balcony.  Total damage:  $2,150 something.

After spending a few nights looking at all the photos of the girls and reading about them I decided to book my trip around a young girl named Rosa.  The site showed her as 5'3, 100 pounds and 32B-22-33.  She was young at only 18 years old, so I felt half way guilty but she was hot all the same.   I did ask myself if I should request another escort because they had about 40 to choose from, but Rosa was a hottie so I rolled the diced and booked time with her for my trip in May.  I'm a pretty fit guy and hit the gym 5 times a week so I had hoped she'd like what she saw as I look younger than I actually am. 

I flew out of Utah at 6am on a Wednesday and arrived in the islands by 1pm their time.  I flew back in time so to speak as the time zones were 3 hours behind.  All in all the trip was fine and I arrived at the airport with a van from DR Nights waiting for me with a fine Cuban cigar and Rosa who was in the van!   I liked that a lot.  The driver tossed in my luggage and Rosa and I jumped in the backseat in route to the resort.  On the hour bus ride I took in both Rosa and the beautiful countryside of the Dominican Republic.  Rosa's English is only so-so and my Spanish is only so-so, but between the 2 - we got it done.

Once we arrived we checked in and put the bags in my room.   I decided to start off slow with Rosa and go up to the main bar to order us a few drinks and snacks. I was starving after the long road trip and this meal time out was just what I needed.  A few mojitos and quesadillas later we decided to go to the pool and cool off as it was about 4pm at that time.

We went back to the room and I changed into my swim trunks and watched Rosa change from her outfit into a skimpy pink bikini.  It was my first chance to take her in in all of her glory and she was worth my wait.  I was temped to play around with her then and there but we made it to the pool where we swam for an hour or so and started to get more affectionate.

We started kissing and touching each other in the pool and decided to leave back to our room where we could hang out and and get ready for dinner that night.  Once back in our room I stripped her out of her bikini and started kissing her legs and stomach.  I'm the kind of guy that really enjoys going down on a woman so I started doing so much to her delight.  She was a tasty young thing that I spent about 20 straight mins pleasing.  Then it was my turn!   She got to work on me showing skills that I didn't expect a girl of her age to know.  After a 5 mins oral assault I had her climb on top of me and ride me to completion.   All of this within the first 4 hours of being there!

That night, then next day and night then my last day till 11am were spent drinking, eating, swimming and having a ton of personal time with Rosa.  She's a fine young lady and I'll even admit that I'm slightly jealous having to leaver her behind at DR Nights.   She's e-mailed me a few times and I may just have to go back and visit her again.  At $2,700 (with my airfare) it was a perfect 3 day get-a-way.   The resort is very nice, the girls are sexy and it's a great place for a guy to just escape and enjoy the finer things in life.  Highly recommended if you can afford it!


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