Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hotel Bel-Air installs new cell phone tower

Iconic Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills closed down in 2009 for repairs and updating.  One of the most requested update it's high end guests often asked for was some damn cell phone reception!   Located in Stone Canyon, the reception in the hilly area wasn't always that great so they discreet installed a new cell phone tower on premises.

The hotel also had dated fabrics and non-functional bathrooms which have now been updated.  Hotel Bel-Air is a unique retreat hosting A-list actors, hard charging Hollywood agents and other VIPs.   It's sister hotel is Beverly Hills famous "The Beverly Hills Hotel."   Once back open Hollywood types can once again enjoy the hotels 12 lavishly landscaped acres that's dotted with fountains, ponds and flowers.

The Hotel Bel Air is located at 701 Stone Canyon Road in Bel Air.  Visit them at:

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