Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A cool Negril read - Banana Shout!

Since California Governor, Jerry Brown, s*#t canned my Amazon sales ability I haven't been pitching as many products.  I figured since I couldn't make money off it, then why should I?   But then I quickly remembered, I never really made any money off product sales anyway, so what the hell!   

Product Description:  Vietnam draft dodger Tavo Gripps is shanghaied, by a modern-day pirate, to a primitive Caribbean fishing village. He relies on hippie voodoo to survive among drug smugglers, the DEA, a displaced wild counterculture and a lost African tribe.

About the Author:  Mark Conklin grew up in Detroit, Michigan and has a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology. In 1973, he and his wife, Ilene, purchased property and started development of Banana Shout Resort in Negril, Jamaica, then, a remote fishing village. Currently, they reside and operate their resort there. 

Mr. Conklin offers such an intriguing view of Negril in its early days of development as a tourist town, and against the epic cold war struggle of the era which went on around it, that it makes it hard to put down once you've started reading.

Banana Shout

One readers review:  Mark Conklin has written the definitive novel of the early days of Negril, circa 1970. This novel is based on facts, and anyone who has even a passing interest in one of the more magical spots on earth will be transfixed by the adventures of Tavo Gripps and his interaction with the local people and the myriad cast of characters who founded the tourist mecca that became the 'Capital of Casual'. A really fun read that will have you both laughing out loud, and yet leave you with regret at the many things that the influx of visitors caused.

So forget you Jerry Brown, I'm still going to let my readers know about cool products.  Read more about the book here:  www.bananashoutresort.com/novel.

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