Friday, June 10, 2011

Which airlines websites are the quickest?

So if you're looking to shaft the travel sites and book with the airlines direct you should know which sites are at least the quickest according to Compuware Gomez's performance rankings for home pages at airline websites Jan. 1, 2010-March 31, 2011:

1.  AirTran
2.  Hawaiian
2.  Delta
2.  Frontier
5.  United
6.  Continental
7.  American
8.  US Airways
8.  Spirit
10.  JetBlue
11.  Southwest
12.  Alaska

The quickest, Airtran loads up in an average loading time of 2.065 seconds.  The slowest, Alaska takes 5.12 seconds to load but they're working to improve the speed.   I jumped myself to Airtran and it is pretty zippy with a straight forward homepage. 

If you travel a lot speeds on a website can frustrate you.   I'd want the quickest site where I can get on, book my flight and get on with my life.   Most travel sites (this one especially) take longer than 3 seconds to load up their home page.  And when you're trying to book that hot deal, each second can be the difference in big bucks.


  1. This blog is awesome full of useful information that i was in dire need of.

  2. lol...I'm sure Private Jet Chargers of Miami. But I'll let you keep the plug. :-D

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