Friday, June 3, 2011

Rihanna's "Man Down" video...

Well, the official video has came out...and in it Rihanna caps a dude in the head to start off her video.  Right or wrong?  Wrong Rihanna, but at least you look good in the video.

(a braless Rihanna in Kingston)

Screen cap above - watch the video below

I love Rihanna (my celebrity lust crush) and I love Jamaica.  So I enjoy the video, other than her shooting a guy in the head.  She's got too many young impressionable fans to be doing that, IMHO.


  1. What a terrible video for such a good song...

  2. That's right Morgan. Please, contact me, whoever you are. I'd like to do a special post for you guys! See my "about me" page.



  3. I think it's a little complicated than that. The song is about a woman who got raped, and for a guy, I don't think it will ever be possible to understand what it feels like to be raped. The song is about the understandable confusion that might come from an experience like that. She's not justifying killing someone, just being real about a difficult situation, especially given her own experiences.

    Besides, male artists sing about killing people all the time, as well as abusing and degrading women, etc.

    This is a controversial song/video/topic, but if art is not a place to talk about controversial issues, what is?


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