Friday, June 3, 2011

A rum review - Pyrat XO Rum

Rum aficionados heads up, here's a rum that I have yet to try but would really enjoy tasting.  It's Pyrat XO Rum (pronounced pirate), a rum that's based on the design of those kept by ship's captains and pirate during the 19th Century.   Arrrrghhhh!   The rums in this blend are aged as much as fifteen years in American oak and French Limousin barrels.  It's created from the tiny island of Anguilla where entire process takes about 15 years to produce a bottle.   Anguilla is a 35 square mile island 200 miles east of Purto Rico, Google Map.

From a review site...
  • Nose: Very citrussy. So much orange peel. Icing sugar, waves of fruit.
  • Palate: Sweet, viscous, more orange. Marmalade.
  • Finish: Molasses, orange peels, marmalade, spice.
  • Overall: Like an incredible rum old-fashioned.
As another reviewer posted, "This rum has one of the most warming and inviting noses you will come across. It oozes candied orange and fruitcake aromas with a lovely sugary sweet taste that is very long lasting."

I doubt I'll find many rums I enjoy than Appleton for a nice dark rum and 10 Cane Rum for a nice light rum that's excellent for blending.  But any rum created in the honor of a pirate has got my attention.  Bottles seem to run about $50 to $90 online for a 80 proof  bottle.

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