Thursday, June 16, 2011

H'Evans Scent in Jamaica - a review

Situated 2,000 feet up in the hills of St Ann, Jamaica is H'Evans Scent.  It's a private playpad where they have 3 ATV tracks for all levels of riders and they also have zip wires which whisk you 500 feet across spectacular valleys and scenery.  They also have paintball and a ride call "The Screamer" where you basically get swung on a giant ass swing across a valley.

(They offer spectacular views of the North Coast

Prices differ according to what you want to do.  Just want to ride the zip line?  $38 bucks.  Prices will go up from there depending on if you choose to cruise on one of the ATVs.  Or you can just get into H'Evans Scent for around $5 bucks if you choose not to ride any of the rides.  All prices are bases on the current Jamaican to US dollar conversion of $85 Jamaican for one $1 US.  Fresh juice and snacks are served as part of the all inclusive price.

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