Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sharks in the waters of Negril, Jamaica

Here's a home shot video of a shark in the waters of Negril Jamaica.  He was located a few months back and after a few people caught it on film, it apparently became dinner later that day.  :-(

It takes a long time for sharks to reproduce, unlike most fish.  Just to kill it for fun or for dinner, I'm not a big fan of - at all.   Sharks are not that rare in the waters of Negril, divers out of Hedonism II report seeing them on their dives fairly often.


  1. Vacation in Negril Jamaica barefoot sounds nice to me.
    Grand Lido Negril Jamaica

    Negril Jamaica looks great.

  2. I (we) went to Grand Lido, but it's no longer Grand Lido, it's Breezes of Negril. Same place, and it's nice.


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