Monday, May 2, 2011

Long live Atlantic Shores in Key West, FL

My first time being nude in public was in Key West at a resort called Atlantic Shores back in the mid 1990's.  I was just a young chap then and we went down there not having any idea of what to expect.   Atlantic Shores was located at 510 South Streeet in Key West but now it's a shiny new resort called Southernmost on the Beach that has 123 elegant furnished rooms.

(Where Atlantic Shores used to be, taken in 2007)

Atlantic Shores was demolished in 2007 after years of nude fun for locals and tourists alike.  It was well known for having a huge deck and pool that faced the Caribbean-like waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Was it a good place to jump in for first time nudity, sure, why not?   It did have a mixed crowd of straight couples, gay and lesbians plus everything in-between, and that's very much how Key West is overall.  

(Back in it's prime, they even used to have a live webcam facing the pool)

So here's to a changing world but I'm glad we had the chance to check out Atlantic Shores while it was there.  Once gone, you can't ever go revisit.  Check out the new hotel on the old Atlantic Shores lot at:

BONUS LINK:   Check out this trip report from 2006, Atlantic Shores Trip Report.

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