Friday, May 6, 2011

Is Las Vegas still the most sinful city?

Sin CityWhat happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  What other city in America has such a notorious reputation?  None that I can think of.   How Vegas became the spot for naughty fun I don't know, but certainly it seems to take the cake in American in terms of pure naughtiness. 

Las Vegas Vacation - They have a sexual adventure in Las Vegas.

Vegas Date Night - On our date hubby shows me off and more.

Two in Vegas - Best friends find adventure - and surprises - in Las Vegas

It just seems like couples, singles and more go to Vegas to let their hair down and PARTY.  I guess everyone needs a place to go to either rekindle their relationship or to just be...well, naughty!

BONUS LINKFlashing women at hotels in Las Vegas

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