Friday, May 6, 2011

Gas prices at rental car companies are $9 bucks plus

  The news lines are reporting that rental car companies are starting to charge high prices if you bring back your rental car with less than you took off with.  If it's below the mark on the tank when you took it THEY fill it up with gas and some of these companies are charging as much as $9.29 per gallon for doing so.  A Hertz Rental Car station was reporting to charge $9.25 per gallon.

Although the prices anger some travelers, rental companies say they're not in the fuel business and offer gas as a customer convenience.  So they'll charge you the price for the gallon of gas PLUS whatever they want to charge for putting that gas in the car.

The bottom line:  When returning your rental car make sure it's at least as full as when you took it.

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