Saturday, May 7, 2011

Estevan Oriol's book "LA Woman"

To celebrate Los Angeles, especially East Los Angeles, famed photographer put out a book called "LA Woman."   You can get a copy of the book from Barnes and Noble for $24.95 and have you very own down and dirty copy.

(yup, that's Kim Kardashian)

One reviewer wrote this about the book, "Estevan Oriol is one of my many favorites photographers out there.  I love how he captures portraits in the most natural way.  His book is one of the best in photography that I have bought.  Very good looking book and good quality too (hardcover), gorgeous pictures, great women, very good message in the beginning from Oriol written by hand I think.  The pictures in the book are of great quality.  There's a lot of pictures, 150 or more I think. I gave the book a rate of 4/5 cause, even if the pictures are good, there are some that don't seem that professional (1/4 of all of them) in my point of view.  Anyways if you like photography, B&W in particular, I'd say go for it, you won't regret it I promise you."

Go get the book at:  LA Woman at Barnes and Noble.


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