Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A sweeet bag for your travels

Here's a way for me to make a quick $35 dollar commission.  :-D  If any of you are rich, in need of a killer bag and travel a lot, this might be a good thing for the both of us.   There's a bag on Amazon that sells between $870 and $970 (depending on size) and it's marketed as "They'll Fight Over When You're Dead." 

Why on earth would you buy a bag that costs $900 bucks!?!?   Well, if you got the money, why not?  This bag IS sweet.   First off, it's got no zippers, snap buttons or breakable parts.  Everything on this bag is hand made and it's very durable including the bolted on and reinforced handle.
  • 100 Year warranty
  • 100% Waterproof full grain boot leather
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps etc.
  • Functional art on the road or when stored at home
  • Two long & solid removable straps to grab and tie suitcase down
  • Classic vintage design
  • Hand sewn boot cord body
 The Amazon write-up
Comes in 23", 25" and 27".  Each looks exactly the same except proportionally except for size.  Not only is it tough and simple on the outside, but inside too.   Lined with pigskin (what they used to make footballs out of), it is easily cleanable and extremely resistant.  Pigskin is the second strongest skin in the world, kangaroo being the first.  There are purposely no wheels attached since those would degrade the look of a classic piece such as this.  This suitcase is made to last longer and age better than its owner. 

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