Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A flight attendant helps land a plane over Chicago

Over the skies of Chicago and O'Hare International airport a co-pilot got sick this week.  So what to do?  Grab one of the flight attendants (who has a pilot's license) and have her help you land the plane!   It all went down Monday of this week on a American Airlines flight from San Fran to Chicago.

 (a screen shot from the 1980's movie, Airplane)

  One the pilot discovered the problem they checked on board with the attendants to see if any of them were off-duty pilots and one of them was, a woman.  So she jumped up in the cockpit and helped land the plane safely.  Once on the ground they took the sick co-pilot to a local hospital where he later checked out just fine.

It's about time we have a good news airline story to report on!

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