Friday, April 1, 2011

Rihanna opens up in Rolling Stone

My favorite musical bad girl, Rihanna, is in the latest Rolling Stone with a few sexy photos and revelations about her personal life.   She sat down with Rolling Stone telling the magazine: "I think I'm a bit masochistic.  I love feeling like I'm somebody's girl." 
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  "I love to be tied up and spanked. I like to be whipped," adds RiRi, "and it's funny that I care. But I prefer to be spontaneous.  Using whips and chains is too planned you have to stop and look for the whip. I prefer them to use their hands."

Rihanna also says her kinky fetish is linked to her career. "I like to take the reins in my life, but I enjoy being submissive in the bedroom," she explained. "In there I can be a little lady and have a male who has responsibility for the situation.

Rihanna also had legit nude photos of her leak out to the 'net recently but won't stop that practice, "When you're not with the person you want to be intimate with, a picture is the next best thing," Rihanna told the new issue of Rolling Stone.

BONUS VIDEO: Check out Rihanna talking about her Rolling Stone photo shoot:    Rihanna Video.

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