Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wake up calls at hotels - a dying service

Before the onslaught of I-phones, computers and all other cell phones one of the few ways to wake up in your hotel room was to set your travel alarm clock or schedule a wake-up call at the front desk.  When I book a hotel I don't trust my wake-up to just anyone, especially if it's important.  Just set your alarm on whichever device you like and be insured you'll get up in time.

If you cruise the 'net you'll find lots of stories about either missing wake-up calls or calls that don't even come in at all.  So why risk it?  Just use your own device and be done with it.  Plus, more than likely, you'll need to have your phone on charge that night anyway for your big day ahead of you.  So keep it bedside on charge with the alarm on then sleep tight.

Or you can book at the Crowne Plaza chain of hotels and have a "guarantee" on your wake-up call.  If they drop the ball on you, you get a free night.  But, for business travelers in town for a big meeting a free night could be nothing compared to the loss of a very important meeting.

I vote for just using your phone as an alarm.

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