Friday, March 11, 2011

Biggest DUH in mankind - not a good time to travel to Japan!

Travelers with plans to go to Japan anytime soon might need to cancel your plans.  Last night an ungodly-like 8.9 earthquake struck 6 miles under the ocean about 60 miles off the Northeast coast of Japan. 

(the strongest earthquake in Japan's history, 5th biggest in history)

Several countries are under tsunami watches and warnings, with some of the first waves from the Japanese quake reaching Hawaii.   Waves are expected to hit here in California today, but nothing of apparent serious threat.

Google has launched a people finder website to help those affected find loved ones.  Best of luck.

UPDATE:  Waves have hit California causing boat damage, but not much else.  Read about it here:   Tsunami arrives in Calif., knocks boats loose.

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