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DR Nights - another trip report

We got this trip report from a blog follower who booked at DR Nights.  Thanks for the trip report Mark and if anyone else has gone, please, send me your story so I can put it up on the blog.  I added his photos but sorry about having to "smiley face" one of them, can't have blatant nudity on this server.

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I'm Mark and I got back from DR Nights two weeks ago after booking a trip via this website with the resort.  I wanted to go longer but a 4 day/3 night package was about what my budget could handle at this time.  I booked back in November and man I couldn't wait for the day to come.   Even tho I know the ladies at the resort would spent "time" with me either way, I still wanted to feel top notch when I went so I hit the gym and watched my diet for a few months before leaving.  So I went to their web site, DR Nights, and booked for my stay in Punta Cana.

I got the resort around 2pm after a decent flight out of DC.  The weather was very nice compared to the Northeast so off to my room I went where I quickly unpacked and took a tour of the resort.  It's a very nice place, I was surprised, complete with clubs, bars, restaurants and pools.   It'd be a nice place to vacation irregardless of the female company.  But, I was here to play, so I spoke with management and off I went to meet some of the girls.  

I was taken to an office area where there were about 5 girls hanging around, all waiting to make me feel at home.  I was pretty nervous to be honest, but they were all very nice and made me feel relaxed very quickly.  I don't know if they get paid more if they get chosen but man did I feel wanted.   I ended up picking out a nice young woman named Nagua who's native to the Dominican Republic.  I picked her because she was a little thick and I like my women like that.

Nagua is 23 years old and about 5'4, she's such an exotic beauty.  We went back to my room to finish unpacking and before we could even make it to the pool, we were making out and touching each other within 10 mins!   I was so super excited so Nagua took off my shorts and proceeded to touch me as we kissed on the bed, complete with the fancy towel that had been folded to the shape of a bird for my arrival.    To the embarrising part, I was so wound up about being there and so turned on by Nagua that I came in about 3 mins of her touching me and us kissing.  Her breasts are soooo nice and big, she just put me over the edge quickly.

(the infamous Nagua)

After our little introduction we decided to go hang out by the pool and order some food and drinks.   I tell you, this hot little lady looked SO good in a green bikini, it was just amazing.   In about 15 mins our lunch came, I went with Island foods of black beans and rice plus chicken, I would need the energy for later.  ;-)   We hung out by the pool for a few hours and got to know each other, she's a nice girl who grew up about 1 hour from the resort.  She liked working at the resort and has a girl on the 'outside' that she also dates when not working.

Around 4pm we went back to the room to get ready for that nights dinner and dancing.  She asked me if I knew how to dance bachata, which I said no, and she told me she'd teach me.  Back in the suite I booked we laid back on the bed and before you know it...she was on me again!!!   She offered me a massage and I gladly took it.  After about 15 mins of relaxation I told her I wanted to massage her as well, but I wanted her nude.  She was happy to strip down and let me have at it.  I TRIED to give her a nice massage but in a few minutes my hands just kept going to her tight Dominican booty and her large perky breasts.  Needless to say, the massage ended early and Nagua ended on top of me riding me for about 45 mins (thanks to the first orgasm) all while saying things in Spanish that told me she was enjoying her time with me just as much as I enjoyed her.

Finally we managed to shower and make it out for dinner where DR Nights was having some type of party.  We chowed down on some ocean fresh tuna, a nice salad, more rice and beans and I ordered a bottle of bubbly for the two of us.  It's so nice not having to worry about paying for the food or drinks, just order what you want and enjoy.   We dined for about 2 hours while talking to a few of her friends at the resort and a cool dude from Denver named Scott.  Scott was on his 3rd day there and looked extremely happy.  He's some type of engineer out of Denver so he had the luxury of booking some players package where he got more nights and lots of women, lucky dog.

After dinner we went to the club at the resort where we meet up with Scott and his ladies where we all danced this Bachata and had the time of our lives.  About 1 hour into the club (and 3-4 drinks) the sexual tension between Nagua and I was about to explode so we excused ourselves and snuck down to the hot tub near the pool.   I stripped Nagua down and we both jumped in the water giggling like a couple of teenagers.  But then things heated up as she had me sit on the edge of the hot tub and she kissed me all over and ended up giving me oral sex that about made my eyes do a complete 360.   All I remember is looking up at the stars, half buzzed, feeling the amazing pleasure of Nagua and wanting that moment NEVER to stop.   But it did, in about 5 mins I damn near took poor Nagua's head off and my remnants dripped down from her lips to her chest as we jumped under a shower to rinse off and then beat it back to the room, naked!

It was so much fun, sneaking back to the room, naked, in a exotic country, at a sweet resort, with a hot woman by my side.   We made it back and in about 5 mins, and soon round 4 started up wrapping up one of the sweetest days of my life. 

That is, until my next day which I'll have to fill you in on later.  DR Nights is the most amazing resort ever and I WILL get back once again to escape the pressures of work and have the best vacation any many could ever dream of.  A special shout-out to Nagua who made my trip really really fun, you're awesome and I hope to see you again.  Thanks for the tip about the resort Vacation Barefoot and keep up the good work.


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