Friday, February 11, 2011

Using Amazon to buy and upload MP3's onto your I-Phone

Just a few days I brought to you a FREE MP3, Ziggy Marley's new song "Walk Tall", Free Ziggy MP3.  Today I want to show you how to download music from then transfer it over to your I-Pod/I-Phone.  A lot of people like getting their music from Amazon vs. ITunes because it's of higher quality (256k) and most songs don't have watermarking.   

The lack of a watermark means you're buying a MP3 which you can do whatever you want with it, transfer, copy, etc.   And often times you'll find better prices at on your music compared to ITunes.

Moving on...
1.  Make sure you have an Amazon account plus I-Tunes on your computer.

2.  Download the Amazon MP3 Downloader at

3.  Go to Amazon and buy (or get free) what you want.  

4.  Click the "Continue" button to verify the MP3 purchase and click the "Open iTunes" button in the Downloads Complete pop-up window.

5.  Plug your I-Pod/I-Phone into your computer via USB and the white cable.

6.  Click the iPod's tab in the iTunes' sidebar & select the Music tab at the top of the iTunes' main window.

7.  Make sure the box next to "Sync Music" is checked. If your iPod is set to automatic music synchronization, the Amazon MP3 will transfer to your iPod during the synchronization. If your iPod is set to manual, click the Music tab in the iTunes' sidebar and drag the purchased song to the iPod's tab in the iTunes' sidebar to transfer it.

8.  Unplug and enjoy your new tune!  

Here's a free MP3, Wishing On A Star from Beyonce if you want a tester...

Wishing On A Star 

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