Saturday, February 12, 2011

DR nights has a new lady - Leslie!

Things are heating up at "The Most Upscale Adult Vacation Beach Front Resort in the Caribbean" with addition of Lesile.  The word is, is this pleasure escort prefers her "relations" in the backside, compared to the front!   Catch my drift???  Anyway, Leslie has a girlfriend (she's bi-sexual) but so far, her girl hasn't joined up at DR Nights.   She's a 20 year old petite Latina that's 5'5 and has a B cup. 

DR Nights Erotic Resort is an all-inclusive resort where you can golf, scuba dive, deep sea fish or just hang at the resort with the ladies.   Once you book, all your drinks, food and entertainment are included, think Hedonism II but with the company of hot ladies that are there for YOU.

You can get in on the fun with Lesile or any number of other ladies at:  DR Nights from $995


  1. please have Leslie email me; I'd like to set up a date right away. Not kidding.

  2. i want you


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