Friday, February 11, 2011

Take a gold panning vacation!

A few weeks back I spoke how Las Vegas came up with a gold ATM machine where you can buy gold bars and coins instead of blowing you money at the tables.  Well, here's another gold idea.  Take a gold panning vacation! 

To some, the United States was founded on freedom and the prospect of finding gold.  In 1849 I'm sure you know about the big gold rush to California where tens of thousands of young Americans went in search of gold.

(this male shaped gold nugget was found in Alaska)

Well, there's STILL gold in them hills!  There are places all across the US where you can book a gold panning vacation and sift rivers and hills for gold that you keep.  For example:  California Duisenberg is a 160 acre playground near Ransberg, CA, Google Map, where you can pan away then camp the night away.   They even have a club house, outhouse and exhibit barn - yeee haaaa.

Other places include Arizona Stanton that includes an old ghost town and several buildings dating from the 1870's.  Or you can go to Leadville Camp in the Colorado Rockies where you can pan in a river for gold as you're surrounded by picturesque views of the Colorado Rockies.

For more information on how to get in on this labor intensive, yet fun hobby, go here:  Gold Facts, where they let you know that up to 80% of the gold in the hills is yet to be found.  It could be a pretty cool vacation, one that might even pay!

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