Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Jamaica taxi driver runs over 2 tourist, killing one of them.

Sad news coming out of Negril, Jamaica.  A taxi driver ran over 2 tourist from Kentucky who were walking along the roads near the resorts.   The 57 year old man died and his companion, a woman, is still in critical condition.   It's reported the couple arrived in Jamaica on Wednesday the 2nd and the accident occurred on Friday 4th.

We wish the survivor a speedy recovery.

LATE NIGHT UPDATE:   More bad news.  The woman has both legs broken and broken feet.  The family managed to get her back to the states but only after having to deal with the Jamaican hospital.  Sources close to the family said, "Jamaica wanted all their money up front before they would even let her in the door of the hospital."  At least they're back in the states. 

Family members say they've been told by officials with the American Embassy in Jamaica, that the driver accused of hitting the couple has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter.

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