Thursday, February 10, 2011

TSA is playing with screening tools

The TSA is starting up new screening process that's taking all the fun out of the news.  They're introducing new generic screens that show a generic outline of the human body with little stars if the person has anything bad on them.  As I'm sure you know, most airports have intrusive screens that pretty much show your naked body to the TSA employee and if you refuse that, you get the infamous pat/rub down.

(AP Photo)

Currently, they're trying out this new software at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.  It's on a 45 day trial to see how the public reacts and how effective it might be.  It's also going to be used in Washington's airport within the week.   It's rumored to be more effective, quicker and more modest for the airport traveler. 

(current TSA photos on top)
(The same photos tricked out with irfanview software)

The above photo demonstrates what sickos like this guy, TSA agent gets caught getting off to scans, can see.  This fruitcake allegedly was watching a high school girls volleyball team go thru the scanners and was...err....pleasing himself as he did it.   Freak.  At least with these new scanners it'll be better for travelers AND high school girls volleyball teams.

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