Sunday, January 2, 2011

A sweet WiFi travel gadget!

Leave it up to Virgin to come up with this cool bad boy.  It's a card sized WiFi unit on the GO!   First you buy it for $149, then charge it up.  Then touch the button the device.  BOOM, you got WiFi for 4 hours (battery time).  Then you can connect your computer, phone or whatever up to it.  It's good for 5 hookups at one time and the speed is 3G speed that's actually from Sprint.  Maybe it'll switch over to the new 4G they offer soon.

It doesn't require a contract, and the $40 monthly plan gives unlimited Wi-Fi in the U.S.  "It has already paid for itself in skipped hotel Internet fees," Alice says. "And we have a family of four plus a Wii, so it's great for us."   Alice is a travel writer and family woman.

Go direct to Virgin's site at, Virgin MiFi 2200, and snag one of these for $149.  You'll be checking out my blog from your '69 Mustang zipping along the freeway in no time.

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  1. Update: I wrote this blog post 1 week ago and in that time I got so excited I went ahead and picked up this device.

    It's got "decent" speed and the little box is pretty cool looking. It does what it claims to do.

    I can't hook it up to my Linus netbook yet but I'm working on it.

    $40 bucks for one months of data, all you can eat. In a few days of using it I chewed my way thru 140 megs of garbage.



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