Saturday, January 1, 2011

Computer game sex via an X-Box & Kinect

The Kinect is a new motion controller put out just two months ago by Microsoft yet it's already been used by adult video game engineers to create a "virtual sex" demonstration.  ThriXXX software, a maker of 3D role-playing sex simulation games, used this new hands free motion technology to create the following clip...

However, the folks at ThriXXX need to insure that Kinect's license agreement will allow for such hoot-n-nanny.  They don't have the green light from Microsoft yet but have proven they can use their Kinect for purposes of a more perverted level.  

In the meantime you can pick up a Kinect'ed Xbox system for $371 and play sports and do yoga as you're waiting for the folks at ThriXXX and Microsoft to come up with an agreement so you can grope a virtual babe.

Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect 

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