Friday, December 10, 2010

Royal Caribbean wants YOU to tip better...

One reason I like going to places like Hedonism II, Breezes or any other all-inclusive resort is the fact that the up-front bill is complete.  No tipping, no worries about drink money, the entertainment's included.   When you set sail you usually get about half of the all-inclusive treatment.   Tips, drinks, things to do are all extra and now cruise lines are slipping in things like extra costs for premier dinners and Starbucks on board.

(RC's 'Freedom of the Seas')

Royal Caribbean is now asking for a 20% better tip policy when you're on board.  Now they say tipping is voluntary BUT look how they lay it out:  They'd like total daily tips to be $11.65 per day (per person, even kids) from it's current "recommendation" of $9.75.  And they've even set a goal for these new tips, July 1st, 2011.  Sounds like it's just a touch more than voluntary.

(RC's 'Explorer of the Seas' in full swing)

A family of 4 on a cruise ship who follows the the tipping guidelines will now fork up $326 for a week cruise up $53 bucks from what it is now.  Of the $11.65 per day in gratuities, Royal Caribbean suggests $3.75 should be given to one's waiter, $2.15 to one's assistant waiter and $.75 to the head water. Royal Caribbean suggests the remaining $5.00 go to its housekeeping staff.

FYI - I'm all for tipping for a job well done, if it's indeed well done.   Check out RC at:


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