Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 Cane Rum

So I was at the market the other day strolling through the rum section of the store, coincidentally my favorite section, when I saw a bottle of "10 Cane Rum" on sale.  The normal price, $37, this day it was only $16!   Works for me, and in the cart it went.

But what type of rum did I just buy?  I'm hip to Captain Morgan, the Malibu Rums and of course the "real" rums like Appleton, Meyers and Mount Gay.  But this bottle is more $$$ than any of them, why? 

To start off it's a 80 proof and/or a 40% alcohol sugar cane rum that's produced on the island of Trinidad, Google Map.  10 Cane rum is named after the tradition of hand-harvesting and bundling sugarcane stalks in groups of ten.   Most rums use molasses, a by-product of sugar manufacturing, not Cane 10.  It uses the first pressing of sugarcane.

(sugar in the raw)

These guys grow their own sugar cane in Trinidad then they hand pick the cane and rush it off to the plant where they take exactly 10 canes and gently pressed it into a sugar syrup which eventually becomes one bottle of the rum.

  Then the rum is slowly fermented for 5 days in a stainless steel drum at a low temperature, double-distilled in small batches in French pot stills, and finally aged in French oak barrels for 10 months.  Out comes one wicked rum!

If you want try to get a bottle of 10 Cane yourself expect to pay at least $20 to $40.  I ran the prices on Google Shopping, 10 Cane Rum on Google, and the best price was $18 with shipping extra.  It comes out as a pale gold rum, with a light bodied but full flavored taste with hints of pear and vanilla flavors.  The rum won The Wine Enthusiast's rating of "90-95" point interval in 2005, which is VERY high.

Check them out at their way cool

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