Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Airline gives out those fake cigs on their flights!

These days you can do a lot on a plane, e-mail your friends, change your Facebook status, watch TV and now you can "smoke" on Global Exec Aviation's, www.globalexecaviation.com, line of planes.  They've partnered up with Blu Cigs, www.blucigs.com, which is the maker of electronic smokes.

Here's the problem, the Transportation Department prohibited REAL smoking on all commercial domestic flights and international flights to and from the U.S. in June 2000.  But these e-cigs are different, they are battery-operated atomizers that warm up a flavored liquid that then produces vapor. The user gets bursts of nicotine and the feel of a regular cigarette, but there's no smoke or odor.

 (you can buy a starter kit for around $60 online)

 Not everyone wants these e-cigs on board, both Southwest and American Airlines have come out and flat out said NO to e-cigs on their planes.  But since they are not actual smokes it's up to the airline to come up with that decision.  So book a flight with Global Exec Avation (it's costly) and you can "smoke" your way all to France or wherever it is that you're going.


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