Monday, November 8, 2010

Another volcano sparks travel chaos!

First it was Eyjafjallaj√∂kull, Volcano in April, causing problems now we got another temperamental mountain causing us problems in Indonesia - Mount Merapi.  At the time of this posting it's already canceled at least 44 flights and worse yet, killed 128 people (locals).   Yikes.

(Mount Merapi blowing it's top, get it?  haha, bad joke)

I keep preaching the value of travel insurance.   These plans might cost you a few hundred bucks but if the unexpected, like these volcano things, happen you might have protection depending on how decent of a policy you bought.  
I did a sample quote,, for 2 adults traveling to Jamaica in May of 2011.  I tossed in all the extra stuff including "cancel for any reason" and "optional flight guard" on a $4,000 vacation and got a quote of $291.  It's like all things in life, everything comes down to money.  If you can afford the extra bucks you'd have much better peace of mind. 

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