Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The ultimate camera phone? (that's stuck in Japan)

If you're big time into taking photos you currently got two options:  #1.  Take along your digital camera (or SLR) and your cell phone rests in another pocket.  or #2.  Take your phone with you and hope that it's camera will take the quality of pics you'll want to cherish forever.   YEAH RIGHT.

  Leave it to the wacky Jap's to come up with a 12 megapixel camera that can make phone calls too!  Are you seeing what they did here?  They managed to switch the concept and shove a phone into a full blown camera.  This bad boy will take crisp 12 meg pics AND you can talk on it for up to 3.5 hours!  It's loaded with a good lens, flash and 3G too.

The L-03C from LG seems to be stuck in Japan at the moment but maybe this touch screen camera will be stuck over to America and perhaps hackers will figure out how to use it on our networks, OR, another American company will mimic this device for us!  In the meantime, get the camera we got, Waterproof Camera, it's around $200 and ROCKS.

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