Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hedonism III aka Hedo 3 is now closed. :-(

As reported by a recent guests at Hedonism III in Jamaica...

"We Just got back last night from Hedo 3 and can confirm the resort did close early, without any real word to the guest until we got there.  Anyone that booked past yesterday was automatically moved to H2, rumor has it some didn't even know until they got to the airport check in.  If your flight left later on Sunday you were transferred to Breezes at 11 am because they would not be serving anymore food after breakfast.

The resort started shutting down while we were there.  They cut the menu down and shipped the rest of the food to Breezes.  They seemed to run out of the top shelf liquor much quicker then normal.  And there was no coconut rum for the 1st 3 days of our stay.  Rumor is a guest went and bought a couple cases."

(peace out from Hedo 3)

So there you have it folks, it was a good run but it's over.  It's a sad day.  :-(


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