Friday, August 20, 2010

Do you got 4 months and 24k per person?

If so, jump aboard Holland America's 1,380-passenger Amsterdam cruise ship for a "around the globe" cruise!   It's the ship's seventh circumnavigation in 12 years.

Kicking off January 6th, 2011 out of Fort Lauderdale this big boy cruise will take you all around the globe on a 112 day/16 week/4 month cruise and leaving you at least $23,799 lighter in the pocket.  But think about all the money you'll drop in places like:  Brazil, Vietnam, Greece, Italy, Spain and about 100 other stops.  Ports of Call - Holland America.   After all of this you'll be dropped off back in South Florida with a pair of MAJOR sea legs and a new appreciation for the world.

To book YOUR trip click here:  Holland America Cruise.

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