Monday, August 23, 2010

The "GO Pool" at Vegas's Flamigo hotel is no longer topless!

Las Vegas has many topless pools from the MGM, to The Mirage to The Stratosphere.   But one place you can now scratch off that list of topless pools is Flamingo's pool called "Go Pool".

(seen this month at the pool)

You can still go there of course, just make sure your lovely brings her top!  The hours at the pool are from 9am to 7pm daily and the cover charge USED to be $20 for guys, $10 for hotel guests and ladies were getting in free.  Has this changed with the new policy?  

(Happier times in Vegas - click the here, PIC pic for the unedited version)

With 15 acres of tropical paradise, the pool at Flamingo Las Vegas still sprawls and winds, palm trees and grottos provide shade, music provided by live DJs floats on the breeze, and there's even a volleyball court to really bring on the beach atmosphere.   So if you want a nice "kids" free pool where you don't have to worry about the clothing free aspect, it's still a good spot.

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