Saturday, July 31, 2010

Virgin Atlantic is changing it's look

Virgin Atlantic's fleet is getting a new look.  The carrier on Thursday unveiled "a new aircraft livery and brand identity for the airline."  Virgin Atlantic says  the new design will be applied to all of the company's 38 aircraft, and to the company's signage and external communications.  It will be the carrier's first change to the look of its aircraft since 2005.

In a press release  announcing the change, Virgin Atlantic says "the new livery uses an entirely new paint system which is unique to Virgin Atlantic – a first on commercial aircraft.  It has been specially developed to achieve a highly reflective depth of metallic color.  The painting process has been simplified, using fewer maskings and applications for a drastic reduction in materials used.  Over 120 gallons of paint was used and took over 3,000 – 3,500 man hours to paint.  The new paint is more durable so aircraft will only require re-painting once a decade."

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