Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meadowood Napa Valley - a romantic California resort!

What do you think of when you think of Napa Valley, CA?  Wine?  Hot air balloons?  Golf?  Nature at it's best?   It's all pretty much true and here's one hotel in Napa Valley that's sure to satisfy even the most picky of travelers.  Meadowood Napa Valley is a luxury estate on a wooded private acreage in Napa Valley.  Wine tours, splendid dining, golf, and hiking are just a few of the diversions sure to tempt. 

Google map of hotel:  Meadowood Napa Valley.

Meadowood was started back in 1964 as a private country club for golfers.   Over the years it served as that country club then a winery hang out now a luxury hotel.   Today it's 85 cottages, suites and lodges, settled into the forested hillside of the valley.  Rack rates vary between $575 per night up to $3000 per night for the Estate Suite.  Like any resort/hotel they offer up deals from time to time and I'll inform you about a current special they got going on.

According to their web site, If you reserve a stay during harvest season (August-November) 2010 you'll enjoy the following...

• A complimentary American Classics breakfast for two each day during your stay
• Two sixty-minute spa treatments once during your stay
• A daily list of harvesting wineries that welcome visitors
• A complimentary afternoon wine tasting and "State of the Harvest" discussion with a member of our Wine Education staff.

 (sushi and wine at Meadowood)

Some reviews put Meadowood as slightly outdated and "stuffy" but others rant about it's romantic charm and woodsy privacy.  I would imagine if you're the wine tasting, golfing, country club hanging kind of couple you'll enjoy this resort.  If you're more of a beach party couple, you might want to pass.  Either way it's yours to explore and decide for yourself.  Check them out at:


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