Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scuba diving in Jamaica - often times FREE!

Jamaica is one of the worlds top destination hotpots for people seeking good music, food and of course world-class beaches.  But not everyone knows about Jamaica's wonderful diving.  There are even 3 designated marine parks in Jamaica - Negril, Montego Bay and Port Antonio.  Top it off with year round warm weather, warm water temps (75 degrees to 85 degrees) and great visibility (often times 100 feet plus) and you got yourself one SWEET dive vacation.  

(Hedonism's dive boat in Negril, FREE for resort guests)

  Now you can hire a local dive shop in Jamaica OR if you've booked at one the many all-inclusive resorts you can often times dive for either really cheap or FREE!   Take Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.  It's 100% free.  No hidden charges.  The dive, the dive-master, the equipment, the ride to the site, the storage of your own equipment - ALL FREE.  (assuming you're a current licensed diver, if not, $300 and a few hours in the pool and you can be)

See for yourself here: Activites.

One company in Jamaica,, has a nice web site running with information about local dive sites and places to scuba.  Jamaica has a reefs, wrecks and lots of aquatic nature to see.  Such as...

Wreck of the Kathryn

A popular dive near Ocho Rios. This wreck is an old WWII Canadian minesweeper and is 140 feet long. Fantasy Divers and Water Sports acquired the ship in 1991 and sank it to create a new artificial reef. It now sits in 50 feet of water.  You can go into the wheel house which has an open top.  There are also some swim thrus to try out about 25 yards from the wreck if you get bored.

Widowmaker's Cave

This is probably the most famous dive off of the Montego Bay area. This site got its name from the cave in the James Jones novel, Go to the Widowmaker.  The cave starts in about 35 feet of water and goes to about 80 feet. You can enter it at 80 feet and slowly rise through the cave to exit through a chimney 10 feet wide and into about 35 feet of water. You can also go in the opposite direction - entering through the chimney and exiting at 80 feet. This dive is for experienced divers only.  Expect to see sponges, barracuda, parrotfish, black coral and barracuda.

The Throne Room

This is probably one of the most popular dives in Jamaica and is located near Negril. The room is a 40 foot wide cave at a depth of 65 feet. You enter through a crack in the reef at about 40 feet. The crack is about 25-30 feet long and about 8 feet wide. The water is usually calm at this site.  This is the place to see sponges. Huge yellow sponges and coral cover the wall from floor to ceiling. The site got its' name from a large elephant ear sponge on the bottom that supposedly looks like a throne. You exit from the cave in about 70 feet of water.  The occasional nurse shark can be found in the room. As far as other life, you can expect to see snappers, eel, barracuda and turtles.
So as a wrap, remember, a couple that dives together....stays together!



  1. i think having scuba diving in jamaica would be great

  2. I went to Jamaica in February. It was beautiful. The views were incredible.


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