Friday, July 2, 2010

Asbury Park, NJ to become a topless beach?

There are no laws in the New Jersey banning the nudity on the beaches.  The Attorney General’s Office has said that it is up to the communities to decide whether they are comfortable with the idea of sunbathing without clothes on the beach.  So the local government is doing just that, they're considering allowing for a part of Asbury Park, NJ to become a topless beach.  Google Map of Asbury Park

(Asbury Park as it is now)

(but it might turn into this)
( BONUS: click on the above photo for the uncensored pic)

As you might remember from this blog New Jersey already has one big nude beach, Sandy Hook Review, but with as many miles of sandy beach that New Jersey is blessed with an as many people who seem to want nude or topless beaches, it seems like Asbury Park may soon have NJ's second natural beach.


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