Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to take better vacation photos

Let's face it, part of a good vacation are great photos.  It's our way of re-living the moments for years to come.  How many times have you gotten home only to discover your photos are not up to par?   It's frustrating to spend lots of time (and lots of dollars) on a major trip only to return with lackluster pictures. Yet there are easy ways to improve the odds that at least one shot among your next batch of vacation photos will earn a place in a frame.

Here are a few tips to help you on YOUR next vacation...

1.  Start shooting before you leave home - Get used to that camera before leaving.  If it's digital as most cameras are, even better.  Learn the features, find how how long the batteries last, see how your pics look on screen.

2.  When photographing a landscape, make the foreground interesting - "A rock, tree or statue can work," says Scott Stuckey, author of National Geographic's "Ultimate Field Guide to Travel Photography" and managing editor of its Traveler magazine. "Even better is a shot of a person doing something that relates to the landscape — a fisherman tending his nets, a cowboy on horseback, even a tourist taking a picture."

3.  Go beyond the posed picture - "Vacations pictures are about remembering moments, not just places," says Susan Walsh, an Associated Press photographer in Washington. "Sometimes a posed picture doesn't tell the whole story,".

4.  Get as close as you can to your subject - Let safety and other considerations be your guide, of course, but try to move in and "fill your frame," says Charles Dharapak, an AP staff photographer in Washington. "If you can get closer, I'd say the results will be sharper."

 5.  Buy the largest memory card you can afford - And bring extra batteries or the battery charger and an adapter, if needed. "Don't be afraid to take a lot of pictures," Dharapak says. Walsh adds, "You've already paid for those megapixels, so use them."

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