Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oxygen Retreat Resort - one wicked place!

So for you single guys who like traveling to the tropics and want your vacation packages to include the women, you're in luck.   It seems the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic has a few options!   You might have read my first review on Viking Erotic Resort here, Viking Erotic Resort.  Well, another such place is Oxygen Resort.

This far out resort is specializing in something called a "Divorce Party".   So for you soon to be single married me if you have the dough left over from the divorce you could forget your troubles in this erotic paradise!  Of course it's not just for the heartbroken.  Single guys go for fun, businessmen and even couples go to Oxygen to explore their sexual side.

This resort works on the same all-inclusive concept that's been so very popular throughout the travel world.  They have a restaurant that holds up to 85 patrons and serves fresh food.  They have a on-site bakery and the dining hall is also equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system.  After you chow down, get your salsa on with one of the girls, I guess.

According to their web site:  "Rooms come with a king size bed with 18” thick European pillow top mattress and Egyptian sheets. The private bath has Italian style ceramic tiles, walk-in shower, toilet and sink.  The room has a 30” TV with movie channels as well as 24 hour porn channel.  The wall next to the bed is mirrored from ceiling to floor so you may view your favorite activities with ease. You also have a private safe for your valuables."

Prices for a single dude can range from $925 per night to $1,800 per night depending on what room you want and how long you stay.  Naturally, the longer you stay, the better deal you get.  Couples can get in on the action from $1,425 to $2,750 under those same guidelines.  There are always 2 to 3 girls per guests as you stay and you get the good company of these ladies all day and at least one overnight depending on the package you book.  All these rates also include a hefty 26% tax rate the DR charges.  For complete rates go here:  Oxygen Rates.

So if this sounds like YOUR type of place visit them further at their web site Oxygen Retreat Resort.  Hey, I won't judge.  :-D   I guess if you're getting a divorce and you got the cash, why not?   Or if you're a couple in search of a completely different "romantic" get-a-way it could work too.


3.25.11 UPDATE:   We also suggest checking out DR NightsThey got packages from $995 for 2 nights.  It's a complete sex vacation including the escort, all you can eat and drink plus a great resort.


  1. Thanks for the info that you have placed on the wall that will help me to choose the right Vancouver To Mexico so thanks once again.

  2. Hi Everyone,

    We are thrilled to announce the merging of the top two adult vacation resorts in the Dominican Republic.

    Effective immediately, Oxygen Retreat and Blue Paradise DR will become: Blue Oxygen Resort.

    Blue Oxygen will continue to provide the type of high quality service in the adult entertainment, which has always set BP and O2 apart from the rest.
    All Blue Oxygen clients are cordially invited to our private, beach front resort in order to personally experience the launch of this exhilarating new venture.

    We look forward to assisting you in booking your next vacation, existing reservations or inquiries on this merger at:


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