Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hedonism III vs. The People? A lawsuit in paradise...

The players

Reginald J. Clyne
Clyne and Associates, P.A

Photo from

Representing the defendants in a lawsuit filed in the Circuit Court of the 11th
 Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida


John Issa
Executive Chairman of Superclubs International Ltd.

Involved in defending his resorts under the Superclubs Brand name in this ongoing lawsuit.

The Case

According to an article by The Jamaican Observer dated 1.31.10, Article, Clyne sent in private investigators to check out Hedonism and they claim they saw some wicked things indeed.  These defendants claim Hedo II is a "whorehouse" and are filing action based on that.   Best of luck Mr. Issa, a lot of us out there are rooting you on!

The following can be found in that very same article...

The attorney presented the private eye's report as Issa gave a follow-up deposition in the ongoing lawsuit that began in January this year. He named the investigator as Larry Holifield who spent three days watching activities at Hedonism, part of the SuperClubs hotel chain.

"The resort was staffed with uniformed security guards who were able to witness the wide open drug abuse and prostitution. The guards, however, took no action to prevent these illegal activities?" Clyne quoted the former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent as reporting.

"You wanted proof, you wanted a person, I will give it to you," said Clyne, responding to Issa's insistence throughout the deposition that he provided evidence to support his allegations.

Clyne: "I even have the names of some of the prostitutes that were there. He has them."
Issa: "Where is that?"
Joe DeMaria (Issa's attorney): The prostitutes identified themselves. That's good."
Issa: " Where is that?"
Clyne: "It's in the report."
Issa: "Should we ban them from the place, would they be willing to come and give evidence?"
Clyne: "Absolutely. We even have pictures."

Reading later from the private investigator's report, Clyne told the court: "Paragraph 4 - Upon leaving the spa, Investigator Holifield noted that two Jamaican females were still sitting on the railing just outside of the gym. The female in the green blouse informed the investigator that they were there 'looking for a man willing to pay for sex'. Both ladies offered to spend one hour with the investigator, during which they would provide a massage, oral and normal sex, with either one or both of them. They set the price for the services at US$200 each per hour."

DeMaria: "Where are the photos? Are the photos..."
Clyne: "People he met."
DeMaria: "Not of the so-called prostitutes?"
Clyne: "Paragraph A - Subject one explained that he and subject two had visited the nude side (of the hotel) where they witnessed a woman performing oral sex on a man at the waterside."
DeMaria: "Who's subject one and two?"
Clyne: "Two men that he met."
DeMaria: "Two unidentified men?"
Clyne: "Yes."
Issa: This is anonymous evidence.
DeMaria: "Hearsay. It's hearsay."
Issa: "You don't even have the names of the prostitutes to help us."

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