Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun summer drinks!

Ahhhhh, summer is back!   Ok, fine, it's not June 22nd just yet but if you're living in Los Angeles like we are you might just think it's then already!   So if you're at home laying out by the pool or on a tropical island it's time to think your drink!

(a way cool drink remote controlled raft for the pool)

Frozen drinks!   Nothing says "Summer" more than a frozen drink poolside.  Now when I say drink I don't necessarily mean yours has to have a splash of alcohol.  That's entirely up to you!  If it's too hot and you plan on being in the sun for a few hours just remember that alcohol will dehydrate you quicker.  

Getting started:

Use frozen fruit - if it's frozen you'll get that smooth consistency you're looking for.  Even 1/2 an hour in the freezer will freeze most fruit blender ready.

Add the liquid ingredients first - It's all in order people.  1.  The liquids (chilled preferably)  2.  The frozen fruit  3.  The ice tops it off.

Start the blender at a low speed and increase speed to get the desired texture. Too thicken the drink, just add ice. Too thin? Add more fruit or liquid.

Here's a time tested drink...

Strawberry daiquiri  (recipe for two people, as any drink should be)

1/4 cup light rum
2 teaspoons lime juice (ideally fresh)
2 cups of fresh frozen strawberries
2 cups of vanilla ice cream.

Place the rum and juice in the blender and mix. Then add the strawberries and ice cream and continue to blend. Start the blender on a low speed untilblending begins, then increase the speed. Pour into two cocktail or specialty glasses and garnish with a half strawberry or strawberry fan.

For a list of 60 other cool summer drinks visit the ever cheesy Martha Stewart here:  Summer Drinks

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