Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New travel gadgets for 2010!

The ultra-mobile Tunebug Vibe ($69.95) transforms any flat surface into a speaker. Just hook it up to your favorite portable audio source, put it down—boxes and other hollow surfaces work best—and rock out. There's also an upcoming Bluetooth version ($119.95) made specifically for affixing to snowboard, skate or bike helmets.

Nikon's pocket-sized COOLPIX S1000pj ($429.95) allows you to project the 12-megapixel stills and 30-frame-per-second videos you just shot onto a nearby surface with an image size from 5 to 40 inches. The 5X wide-angle zoom and myriad other smart features allow you to capture great shots. But that projection clearly adds another dimension to sharing them on the spot.

Lastly, you've probably wondered at some point in your travels what's going on back at the ranch. Avaak's Vue personal video network ($299.99) can help you find out, with zero technological intimidation. Easily positioned little low-power wireless cameras send signals to a gateway connected to your router. So from any Internet browser—even on your iPhone—you'll be able to view, save and share live video clips indicating what shape the house is in, if the cats are still alive and what the kids are up to.

For more excellent reviews of other products check out Best Travel Gadgets from CES in 2010.

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