Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's official - Hedonism III will soon close!

 It's a sad day fans of Hedo's.  Hedonism III will close and reopen as new resort.  

(Hedo III's final call comes August 22nd, 2010)

Read the Superclubs press release that was sent out yesterday, May 12th, 2010.

SuperClubs to Rebrand Jamaica's Hedonism III as SuperFun Resort
Published on: May 12, 2010

All-inclusive resort operator SuperClubs will relaunch its Hedonism III resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, under a new name, SuperFun Resort & Spa, beginning Oct. 14, 2010, according to Paul Pennicook, president of International Lifestyles, SuperClubs representative in the U.S., who spoke at the JAPEX conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on Wednesday.

The existing Hedonism III property will undergo a renovation and rebranding beginning in August.
During the renovation period guests bookings at Hedonism III will be honored at the Hedonism II poperty in Negril, Jamaica. The new brand will offer “elevated amenities at wallet-friendly rates,” said Penicook. It also will feature complimentary drinks, all meals and most activities. The resort will also feature a clothing-optional beach, but unlike Hedonism resorts will not include complimentary motorized watersports or airport transfers. For more information, visit


Now they even have their own website for the new resort - SuperClubs Super Fun Beach Resort and Spa


  1. That's too bad. It seemed like a great place. Hopefully the new branding will allow more people the freedom to choose a c/o resort without the "Hedo" stigma attached.

  2. I wish we could stop this. My hubby & I visited in January 2010 for 1st time, and loved the freedom a fully nude side of the resort afforded us. We're not into "lifestyle", so probably won't be going to Hedo II - but where to go now, for a reasonable all-inclusive rate from Canada?

  3. Hedo II is really not all that different that Hedo III 'cept for the month of January. (swingers month)

    One thing you could do is visit Breezes in Negril and directly across the street is Hedo II where you can go visit on day passes. Get the best of both!

    Breezes is very nice and chill plus has a nude beach/pool.

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. As a very loyal and regular H3 goer I am so very sad to hear this announcement. H3 was in need of some serious TLC and updating but those of us that were loyal to the resort almost "didn't care".

    I am extremely loyal to the SuperClubs brand (as I have tried other similar brands, like $andals for example), and have been to Grand Lido Negril, so I may try H2 in Negril, but regardless I will be sad to see it go. Runaway bay is fantastic in general and the staff at H3 are absolutely, HANDS DOWN the best SuperClubs has to offer!!

    I hate to even suggest other resorts, but if someone is still looking for all-inclusive, c/o resorts and is willing to try Mexico, Couples resorts are an "option" down there.

    -Nicole, 29, Minneapolis

  5. My Husband and I are very sad to see Hedo III close. We were married there in 2003 and now we feel like a part of us will be missing. We were able to return a couple of years ago, but due to financial situation could not return this year and am very sad we can't even say goodbye. I would like to try Hedo II, but from what I have been told is that it is very cliquish. The visitors aren't quite as nice as at Hedo III. We liked the closeness of Dolphin Cove and Negril is so far away.

    I would love to hear from somebody who has been to Hedo II and what it is really like.

    Goodbye Hedo III. You will be missed. It sounds like they are catering to more spring breakers.

  6. I have been down there many times, we all know it needed repairs but we weren't going for the five star experience, H3 always had it's own vibe. We knew we weren't going for the rooms or food!!! ha. We are really going miss this place. I want to go one more time before it closes but I don't know if that's possible right now. I'm sure with the economy and this small nitche of clients they have no choice but to open it up for more customers. Maybe it won't do that well and they will go back to what works for them?!?!?

  7. What about the painted rocks left at Hedo 3? Will they be moved to H2 or just discarded? This is so sad...we too were unable to make our annual trip this year due to job changes, but were looking forward to continuing our string of years on the little piece of ourselves that we left behind.

  8. My wife and I visited H3 (and our first nude resort) this past March and it was one of the BEST experiences ever! We had so much fun! We are not swingers but the atmosphere was great and so were everyone we meet. Yes, H3 is not a 5 star but it didn't matter as it was just a great place to be! We are SO SAD it is closing. :( When we were leaving on our last day, everyone on our bus back to the airport looked like they were going to a funeral of a close friend because we were all sad we were leaving...if we had only known we were never coming back, it would have been doubly sad. Please don't close!...

  9. My husband and I got married at Hedo II in October, 3 weeks after the horrible 9/11 day. I found EVERYONE to be extremely friendly and there is nothing that says that you have to be in the "lifestyle" as we weren't at the time we went down there. The staff was amazing and they have done A LOT of upgrades and improvements. The nude area is a lot of fun, I have no knowledge of the prude area as I can get that anywhere around where I live so why even go to that side of the resort? LOL I have never been to Hedo III but after going to II, and having the time of my life, why go anywhere else? Try it, you'll like it! the water slide is a blast and if you bribe the "guards" wth ganja they let you go down naked :-> The dance club is rockin', the trapese is SO much fun and the food can't be beat! Just give Hedo II a try and you'll know why people go back multiple times each year :->

  10. Just a question here? Why are you all so sad that hedo111 is closing..don't the words:( All-inclusive resort operator SuperClubs will relaunch its Hedonism III resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, under a new name, SuperFun Resort & Spa, beginning Oct. 14, 2010, according to Paul Pennicook)mean that Hedo 111 will still be there but under a new name or am I reading this all wrong?

  11. I think the general sentiment is that the place just won't be the same. Just my humble opinion.

  12. Sad to see it go been 3 times in the last year and half The staff make you feel at home remember your name and I always had the same room 425-426 and could not ask for better resort; frequented nude side also Guest always friendly from wherever they came from. Was at H2 and found staff not as friendly and guest seem to have an aloof attitude and the garden area was away from nude pool but that is all I could get. If the staff dont change their attitude i will find another adult resort

  13. We have been going to Hedo II for years and we decided to go the 30 Year Anniversary of the resort in 2011. We have a group of friends who are coming with us. One of them started a yahoo group for people who are going or interested to go that week, or who have been going that week previous years. If you want to join... /



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