Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A celebration of Afro-Latina/Latino's!

If you don't really know the term Afro-Latina and/or Afro-Latino this post will help catch you up.  Bottom line, black people hail from many countries you might not expect!   They're a dynamic group in that they share multi-cultures.  Did you know the following are Afro-Latina/Latino?


Dania Ramirez  
Born November 8, 1979 
Dominican Republic
Actress - Heros & X-Men/Former college volleyball standout

Gilbert Arenas
Born January 6th, 1982
NBA Star

Zoë Saldaña
Born June 19th, 1978
Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico
Actress - Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar

Manny Ramirez
Born May 30th, 1972
Dominican Republic
Baseball Star

Rosie Perez
Born September 6th, 1964
Puerto Rico
Actress - White Men Can't Jump & TV

Anderson Silva
Born April 14th, 1975
Legendary MMA fighter


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